Find The Best Boston Parking Apps For You

Last Updated: March 28, 2016

boston parking appsIf you’re a driver in Boston, no doubt that you’ve heard of many Boston parking apps. But which of these many apps go above and beyond in helping Boston drivers find parking? Which are apps for street parking and which are for garages? If you have questions like these, you’re not alone. Not to fear – we are here to answers these questions and more! Read on for our ultimate guide to Boston parking apps.

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5 Best Boston Parking Apps

  1. SpotHero – book discounted Boston parking in lots and garages online. Download the app for iPhone and Android here.
  2. BestParking – compare Boston street parking rates and garage parking rates. Download the iPhone and Android apps here.
  3. ParkMe – compare Boston parking rates in garages around the Boston area
  4. Spot – quickly find street parking spots on your phone
  5. Parker – find available street parking spots in Boston on your phone

5 Questions For Finding the Perfect Boston Parking App

1. Do you want Boston street parking?

If you’re looking for an app to help with Boston street parking, try SpotParker or BestParking

2. Do you want to park in Boston parking lot or garage?

SpotHero allows you to search for Boston parking in lots and garages directly on your phone and you can actually make the reservation on your phone as well. ParkMe and BestParking let you search for lot and garage availability too.

3. Do you want to see a Boston parking map on the app?

The SpotHero app shows you a real time parking map of your area so you know your parking reservation is available at the time you book it on your phone.

4. Do you want to make a reservation on your mobile app?

SpotHero differentiates itself from other similar parking apps by allowing you to book Boston parking directly from your smart phone on the app.

5. Do you want to pay discounted Boston parking rates?

If you’re interested in paying discounted Boston parking rates, SpotHero offers rates that are up to 50% discounted and will never be more then the drive-up rate.

Top Boston Parking App Resources

  • SpotHero – book discounted Boston parking in lots and garages online in advance
  • – read this article reviewing the Spot app
  • Mashable – read this list of parking apps to save you time, money and gas
  • Boston Magazine – read this magazine review of Boston parking apps
  • The Boston Globe – read this article about a Boston parking spot locator apps

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