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Last Updated: May 6, 2016

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Major League Baseball’s oldest ballpark, Fenway Park has hosted the World Series 10 times since its inaugural season in 1912. Fenway has been renovated at various points of its history, making it a structurally and stylistically interesting venue, regardless of why you’re there. It was recently added to the National Register of Historic Places. Fenway’s popularity can make it a difficult place to park. Here, you’ll find some tips and tricks to make your Fenway parking experience easier.

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Resources for Cheap Fenway Parking

  • Fenway Parking Guide – guide from, including a list of places to park and other tips
  • Official Red Sox MLB Page – The official Red Sox page is a great resource for parking near Fenway Park; it provides pricing and capacity information for garages near Fenway Park.
  • – allows you to reserve parking in 11 lots and garages in the Kenmore Square area near Fenway Park.
  • SpotHero – SpotHero allows you to choose a parking spot from 14 lots and garages near Fenway Park; and you can book a spot for a specific game or event.
  • Standard Parking/Central Parking – Standard Parking/Central Parking offers parking options in 12 lots and garages near Fenway Park with the option to reserver online.

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5 Fenway Parking Deals

***Remember that if you park further from the stadium you can always take public transportation to the game***

1. 5 Haviland Street  Park at this valet garage 15 minutes walking from the stadium for $40

2. Longwood Towers – Park at this valet garage under 20 minutes walking from the stadium for only $24.71

3. 766 Commonwealth Ave Park at this lot about a 15-20-minute walk from the stadium for just $23

4. 131 Dartmouth Street Park at this garage for only $6 a half and hour walk from Fenway

5. Back Bay Garage Park at this garage around half an hour walk from Fenway for $10

fenway park parking tipsBest Fenway Parking Secrets

1. Take public transportation – Because Fenway Park can get really busy on game days, the MLB recommends taking public transportation to the game. Luckily, Boston has some great public transportation options for getting to Fenway. The T-Subway and MBTA bus are both cost-effective options and have many stops near Fenway Park. If you are coming from or heading to the suburbs, however, the Commuter Rail would be a better option.

2. Park on the side you came from – If you do decide to drive to a game, the official MLB Red Sox site recommends that you park on the side of the stadium from which you came. This reduces traffic around the stadium and makes finding a spot easier.

3. Book parking in advance – The best way to guarantee you’ll be able to park near Fenway Park is if you book a spot in advance. SpotHero offers parking options in 15 lots and garages near Fenway. As expected, parking rates are generally more expensive as you get closer to Fenway.

4. Park further from the stadium – To save money, park further from the stadium. Make a day of it! The Kenmore Square area near Fenway is home to many restaurants and sports bars. Grab some food or a drink on your way to the game to cut the distance from your car to the stadium. You can get incredible parking rates if you are willing to walk a little further to the stadium. Park at 131 Dartmouth Street for only $8!

Additional Fenway parking tips can be found on the Colonial Automotive Group Blog and the SpotHero Blog.

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