Where Are the Best Boston Parking Garage Deals?

Last Updated: March 28, 2016

Boston parking garages

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How to Find Discounts on Boston Parking Garages

Boston parking garages are a great alternative to street parking. However, they can be quite expensive. One way that we have found to getting around steep Boston garage prices is to use Boston parking coupons. The only downfall with this technique is that coupons are limited in terms of quantity and variety. One tip we suggest for finding discounted garage parking in Boston is to use a third party site such as SpotHero. SpotHero allows you to book discounted parking rates in garages around Boston. Their parking map is simple to use so you can easily compare prices and locations to find the best garage for your needs.

Discounted Boston Parking Garages Near Faneuil Hall

Finding garage parking near Faneuil Hall is not easy. The official garage for Faneuil Hall is the 75 State Street Garage. You can get a $3 discount on parking there if you bring a validated coupon from a vendor in Faneuil Hall. Additionally, you can park there at night for $15. The entrance is on 5 broad street. During popular shopping hours, the 75 State Street Garage can be very busy. You can find additional discounted parking near Faneuil Hall with SpotHero. One specifically good location is the Pi Alley Garage, which is a quick 6 minute walk away. Find more Faneuil Hall parking garage deals below.

1. Pi Alley Garage – Park at this garage for only $13

2. 112 Congress Street – Park at this garage at Post Office Square for a $9 rate

3. 33 Arch Street – Park at this garage for $9

Discounted Boston Parking Garages Near the Aquarium

You can get discounted validated parking at select garages near the Aquarium as described on their official website. An alternative to parking at one of the Aquarium’s approved garages is to use SpotHero, which offers a variety of affordable parking garage options near the New England Aquarium. And additional guide to parking near the Aquarium can be found on the SpotHero blog.

A Fenway Parking Garage Deal You Can’t Miss!

Parking at Fenway for a game can be crazy. Your best bet for getting a good parking spot is to book parking in a garage ahead of time. SpotHero allows you to reserve discounted parking in a garage a quick 5 minute walk from Fenway. Find more Fenway parking garage deals below. Remember that if you park further from the stadium you can always take public transportation to the game to avoid traffic.

1. 5 Haviland Street – Park at this valet garage 15 minutes walking from the stadium for $40

2. Longwood Tavern – Park at this valet garage under 20 minutes walking from the stadium for only $24.71

3. 800 Huntington Ave – Park at this garage just under half an hour walk from the stadium for just $18.84

4. 131 Dartmouth Street – Park at this garage for only $8 a half and hour walk from Fenway

5. Back Bay Garage – Park at this garage around half an hour walk from Fenway for $10

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