3 Boston Thanksgiving Travel and Parking Tips

Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 26th. This means we’re just a few weeks from the start of the annual holiday travel season.

For those who call Boston home, Thanksgiving presents many pleasantries and potential pitfalls. But don’t worry, we’re here with tips to help ensure this Thanksgiving in Beantown is a success.

1. Book Your Parking Ahead of Time

Boston is going to be flooded with cars, and your neighborhood’s streets may not be able to handle it. If you’re hosting, and you have a spot, consider moving your car to a weekend lot to make way for your guests. If you’re the incoming guest, don’t even discuss your parking needs. Instead, reserve a spot nearby. It’ll ease the burden on your host, and be a hassle-free ending to the long road trip for you–a win-win!

Here are some great Thanksgiving weekend parking rates from SpotHero. If you choose to use this tip, remember to read the redemption details in your parking pass (not all have in-and-out privileges for example). Also, if you don’t see the spot listed below, it’s sold out!

  1. 100 Clarendon St. – Garage
  2. 2 Battery Wharf – Garage
  3. Pi Alley – Garage
  4. 116 W 1st St. – Channel Center Garage
  5. 100 Huntington Ave. – Copley Place Garage
  6. 45 University Rd. – University Place: Garage

 2. Choose Your Travel Day Wisely

Last year Google found that in Boston, the busiest travel day is Tusday. It can be up to 40% better if you elect to travel on a different day.

 3. Pick up Your Waze Game

Waze, the ultimate navigation app, is essential for traveling by road during peak travel times. If there ever was a time to use Waze, it’s before Thanksgiving weekend. As recently pointed out by Lifehacker, Waze’s recent update presents some new and simple ways to really outsmart traffic. Features like sending your ETA or switching to “shortest route” over “fastest route” (this setting avoids the complicated routes just to save a few seconds) will make sure you arrive in time for turkey.