The Ultimate Guide To South Station Parking Rates

south station boston parkingThe historic South Station is the second largest transportation center in all of New England. With all the hustle and bustle surrounding the building, you can imagine how hard it can be to find parking in the area. Don’t go out there unprepared. We’ve created this complete guide to finding stress-free parking near South Station, so you don’t have to worry! Read on for South Station parking rates, tips and tricks.

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3 South Station Parking Rates Not To Miss

1. Pi Alley Garage park at this popular garage for only $10 on the weekends

2. 17-23 West Street park at this lot near South Station for $64 for 24 hours

3. 24 Kingston St. (99 Summer Garage) park in this garage for 12 hours for $38. It’s a five-minute walk from South Station.

Top South Station Parking Resources

  • South Station’s Official Website – the official website says there is no parking at the train terminal itself, but they provide some garage listings nearby
  • Parkopedia – compare South Station parking rates in public and private lots as well as South Station street parking
  • MBTA – the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority has information about parking near South Station on their site
  • SP+ – this national parking company offer South Station parking in 3 nearby facilities
  • ProPark – this parking company offers both 24/7 access and overnight parking near South Station
  • TripAdvisor – read the advice of TripAdvisor users about overnight parking at South Station
  • Yelp – read customer reviews of the South Station Bus Terminal that includes some parking advice – **you can park for free for 15 minutes, which allows you to drop off or pick up a passenger!**

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What Are Boston’s Memorial Day Parking Rules?

As a cboston memorial day paradeity with such rich cultural history, Boston has one of the most popular Memorial Day celebrations in the country. It can be hard to keep track of all the city’s Memorial Day events: from parades, to services to ceremonies. For a complete list of Boston Memorial Day events, see the City of Boston’s website. Parking in Boston during this busy celebration can be challenging due to regulations and competition for spot. Luckily, we’ve compiled the best information on the internet for you to make your Boston Memorial Day parking experience a good one.

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Are Parking Meters Enforced on Memorial Day in Boston?

Parking Meters are NOT enforced on Memorial Day in Boston – Treat Memorial Day as if it were a Sunday and you should be in the clear in terms of parking regulations in Boston. Before you start celebrating about the lack of meter enforcement, be aware that although street parking is free (yay!) it will be incredibly busy. Boston Memorial Day street parking can be a real zoo – read on for some more advice about how to get the best Boston Memorial Day parking.

How to Get the Best Boston Memorial Day Parade Street Parking

Arrive early – Just like any situation where parking is competitive and there are limited spots, make sure you arrive early to the Memorial Day Parade. In order to get a spot close to the action the only real advice we have is to make sure you leave yourself time to get a spot. There’s ho harm being the first one there!

What Are Boston Memorial Day Parking Alternatives?

spothero logoInstead of relying on competitive street parking on Memorial Day, it might be smart to reserve a spot in a parking garage ahead of time. The only downside about parking in a garage is that it’s often expensive – but it doesn’t have to be! Many Boston parking companies offer parking coupons with discounted rates. However, if you find the options on parking websites to be lacking, or would rather visit one website to view discounted rates in many garages, check out SpotHero. SpotHero is a third party company that works to help drivers find discounted parking near them. It’s a good place to start a parking search because it allows you to easily compare parking rates and locations on a map.

Looking For Boston Memorial Day Activities?

Not to fear – there are plenty of things going on in Boston on Memorial Day:

***Make sure you know which stores and services are closed for Memorial Day and plan accordingly!***