Skip Boston Winter Street Parking

Remember these? Boston space-savers are about to make their annual return to Boston streets.

boston winter street parking

As Bostonians brace for the snow season – with memories of last year’s brutal winter coming back into stark focus – parking is about to get kooky around here.

During the winter months, residents must be aware of government declared “snow emergencies” where parking on the street is illegal. See below for a map of effected streets.

There’s a lot to keep up with when it comes to street parking during the winter in Boston.

You must remember to park “at least 20 feet away from intersections and no further than 1 foot from the curb,” or you risk a citation. You must know the official and unofficial rules. Not to mention the added hassles of excavating your car from mountains of snow and ice deposited by plows, scraping ice off your windshield, and watching all that salt destroy your car is about to happen all over again.

But there’s another way!

This year, do your car and yourself a favor and book a monthly parking spot in Boston until the Spring. Many spots offer great discounts if you book for a few months (i.e. winter!). Plus you’ll save a ton of time and stress with a nice spot in a garage as opposed to street parking.

Most cars spend 95% of their time parked, may as well not be under a snow drift.