The Ultimate Guide to Boston Parking Rates

Last Updated: March 28, 2016

boston parking ratesIf you’ve ever driven around Boston you know that Boston parking rates can vary a lot by location. Whether you are wondering about Boston street parking rates, garage parking rates, or how much it costs to park in a certain Boston neighborhood – you’ve come to the right place! We’ve searched the internet to come up with the ultimate guide to Boston parking rates. Find all the information you’ve been looking for about parking rates in Boston in one place. Read on for more information.

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Street Parking Rates in Boston

If you are looking to park on the street in Boston, you will need to pay the meter rate – unless it’s a Sunday! Boston parking meters cost $1.25 an hour and you can park for up to 2 hours at a time. You can always come back after two hours to feed the meter again. Meters are often free on holidays, make sure to check the City of Boston’s legal holiday list before you park.

5 Cheapest Boston Parking Rates in Garages

1. 60 State StreetPark at this centrally located parking garage for $18.

2. 35 Lomasney WayPark at this covered parking garage for an incredible deal at only $14.

3. 2 Battery WharfPark at this conveniently located  garage right off the highway for $14.

4. 5 Maffa WayPark at this lot near Summerville (perfect for Tufts students) for just $7!

5. 131 Dartmouth StreetPark at this covered Back Bay garage for only $16.

Boston Parking Rates Near Logan International Airport

Parking near Logan International Airport can be tricky. ParkMe offers information about parking rates in four garages near Logan Airport at $27 a day. For a great Logan Airport parking guide, check out

Boston Parking Rates Near Boston Common

If you’re looking for parking near Boston Common, it’s a good idea to plan ahead. On a nice day there may be a lot of competition for street parking, so we suggest looking into parking in a garage. Standard Parking offers parking for only $14 for 2 hours! ParkMe has information about parking rates in over 10 garages near Boston Common.

Best Boston Parking Rates Resources

We’ve identified the following websites to help you compare parking rates in Boston garages – some of them even allow you to book parking online!

  • SpotHero – SpotHero is a third party resource that allows you to compare parking rates and location and book a spot in a Boston parking lot or garage.
  • – Best Parking lets you compare garage prices and gives you rate estimates.
  • Parkopedia – Parkopedia is a great resource for comparing street and garage parking rates in Boston.
  • ParkMe – ParkMe lets you search Boston for Boston parking rates by neighborhood, venue and event.

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