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Last Updated: March 28, 2016

Downtown boston parkingAs the heart of the city, Downtown Boston is always vibrant and bustling.   The epitome of diversity, businesses, government, and wonderful parks share this great space, matching the diversity of people from across the globe who call Boston home.  While Downtown Boston is compact, making everything accessible by foot, it has so much to offer.  Whether you’re a history buff or a nature lover, Downtown Boston has something for everyone.

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Downtown Boston Attractions:

Boston Common

Boston Common is the oldest park in the nation.  Boasting 50 acres of lush greenery, the “Common” is a part of the Emerald Necklace (a connected system of parks through Boston’s neighborhoods) and is the starting point of Freedom Trail.

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Boston Public Garden

Take a slow stroll as you enjoy nearly 4 acres of vibrant colors of one of the most extravagant botanical gardens you’ll ever see.  Here one can explore a big part of Boston’s rich history with many walkways dotted with striking statues and monuments.  Enjoy a leisurely ride on the Swan Boats that have traversed the lagoon for more than a century.

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Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail offers the perfect mode of exploring Boston’s most historic sites.  This 2.5 mile redbrick walking trail works its way through the various sites while providing information about the history of the area. A costumed guide will aide your explorations, as you learn about the historic meetinghouses, ships, burial grounds and other historic sites, while enjoying the gorgeous Boston landscape.  Admission to the tour is $12, well worth it for an activity that’s educational, entertaining, and relaxing.

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Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market

Known for its lively street theater, Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market offers a good variety of activities in one location.  Where else can you see comedians juggling atop of stilts, as your tastebuds sing with glee while you gorge on delectable cuisine and then scoop up some fresh swag all in one fell swoop?

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Old South Meeting House

It was here that meetings took place to shape the United States current model of freedom, particularly freedom of speech and assembly.  This is where the American Revolution was born and lead to the great Boston Tea Party.  Now a museum, here you can explore in more depth of America’s history and the foundations of democracy.  The museum hosts many events and also hosts an Annual Boston Tea Party Reenactment.

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Old State House

Another place of significance for America’s independence, Old State House was the meeting place of such notable individuals as Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and John Adams discussed the fate of the British colonies.  Just outside is where the Boston Massacre began.  This museum provides you an in depth look at the origins of America’s liberty.

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Downtown Boston Hotels:

Planning a visit to Downtown Boston?  Following is a list of popular hotels in Downtown Boston:

Parking in Downtown Boston

Downtown Boston Street Parking

Rates:  Monday through Saturday from 8am-8pm for $1.25 per hour (for up to 2 hours) or 25₵ for 12 minutes.  Metered spaces are free on Sundays and holidays.

Downtown Boston Parking Restrictions

Take note that during peak rush hour times, metered parking is not on many of Downtown Boston’s busy streets, so as to open up the lanes to permit better traffic flow.

Downtown Boston Residential Parking

Most residential areas of Downtown Boston have strict “Resident Parking Only”, although there are a small number of spaces posted as “Visitor Parking”.

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