Learn How to Dispute, Appeal & Pay Boston Parking Tickets Online

Last Updated: July 10, 2014

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Boston is known for being aggressive when it comes to handing out parking tickets. If you feel you were ticketed even though you didn’t do anything wrong, then you can always fight the ticket at City Hall. If you would like hear about other Bostonians’ parking ticket experiences, you can vent your frustrations on the Boston Parking Police page on Yelp. According to the Boston Transportation Department, Boston collected a whopping $62.2 million in parking fines in the 2012 fiscal year.  That represents a 6.4% increase in revenue from the previous year, as city officials handed out nearly 9,600 tickets in 2012 versus 8,000 the previous fiscal year.   With such a high quantity of parking tickets, there are bound to be some mistakes.  Don’t be another statistic! If you truly feel you were erroneously ticketed, appeal it.

How to Avoid Boston Parking Tickets

Being mindful and paying attention to your surroundings can lead you a long way towards remaining ticket free.  We offer the following tips to help you avoid getting a Boston parking ticket.  Many of these recommendations are simply being aware of Boston Parking Rules and abiding by them.

1. Read All Signs

Before you park anywhere, look for any signs on the block.  Pay attention to whether or not there are arrows designating where the restrictions apply. If there are no arrows, then the sign pertains to the whole block.

2. No Stopping/Standing Zones

You cannot stop for even one second in a “No Stopping” zone and don’t even think about waiting in the car for your friend in a “No Standing” zone.

3. Loading Zones

Curbside loading zones are reserved explicitly for the loading and unloading of commercial vehicles.  If you do not have commercial license plates, loading zones are not for you, even if you truly are loading or unloading.

4. Pay Attention to Parking Meter Regulations

Many parking meters have time limits on the maximum time you can park in the space and some areas there is no parking at meters during rush hour.  Be sure to read the Parking Meter Plate for all of the rules and regulations for that particular meter zone. Parking meters are free on Sundays and holidays. Click here for a list of holidays observed by the City of Boston.

5. Up to Date Inspection Sticker

Riding around with a dead inspection sticker is just screaming for a ticket.  If you park in a public place with one, you will end up with a ticket. There’s no point in disputing this one, because you were irresponsible to even let this happen.

6. Residents Only

Most residential areas have parking designated for “Residents Only”. If you are a new resident to Boston, you need to immediately apply for a Residential Parking Permit.  For more information on obtaining a Residential Parking Permit, click here.

7. Street Cleaning

Boston is serious about keeping their city pretty, so you better watch for signs posted regarding street cleaning.   You can learn more about the city’s Street Cleaning Program and view the schedule here.

8. Snow Emergencies

Boston is no joke when it comes to snow emergencies.  If you are parking in a snow emergency zone, you will most definitely be ticketed and might even be towed.  Go here to learn more about Boston’s snow emergency regulations.  You can sign up for Boston’s emergency notification system, ALERT Boston, here.

9. Use Your Sense

Do not park on sidewalks or block crosswalks and intersections.  This shouldn’t have to be said, but people do it all the time.  We must have mindfulness for others.  Parking in these places creates a great inconvenience for others and can even slow emergency workers down from responding to a serious situation.

10. Avoid Street Parking All Together

An alternative to street parking, which puts you at risk of a Boston parking ticket, is to park in a garage. Boston garages can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. SpotHero is a third party that allows you to book discounted Boston parking in advance on your smartphone or computer. Their parking map allows you to easily compare parking rates and locations to find the best Boston parking garage for you.

How to Dispute a Boston Parking Ticket

To dispute a parking ticket, you can fill out an online Parking Violation Dispute Form or take a trip down to City Hall to file an appeal in person, Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm.

Office of the Parking Clerk

Room 224

1 City Hall Plaza

Boston, MA 02201

When requesting an appeal, be sure to include the nature of your dispute, your name, mailing address, license plate number and the number of the ticket being disputed.

You can also send a written request for appeal by mail to the following address:

City of Boston

P.O. Box 55800

Boston, MA  02205

If you are unsure about your unique situation, any questions you have regarding parking violations can be handled over the phone by calling 617.635.4410.

How to Pay a Boston Parking Ticket

The City of Boston offers a variety of options for paying your parking tickets – read on to learn more:

Pay online –  To pay from the comfort of your own home (or where ever you may happen to be), you can use Boston’s Pay By Web System.  Realize parking tickets issued by Parking Enforcement Officers are entered into the system each night, but those given my police officers may take up to a week and sometimes more.

Pay in person – To pay in person, go to the Office of the Parking Clerk at City Hall. They are available from 9am-4pm Mondays through Fridays.

Office of the Parking Clerk

Room 224

1 City Hall Plaza

Boston, MA 02201

Pay by mail – To pay by mail, send your payment to the following address:

City of Boston

P.O. Box 55800

Boston, MA  02205

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