Parking Tips

Last Updated: July 10, 2014

lightbulb iconDriving through Boston’s compact streets can be a bit unnerving to those unfamiliar with the area.  If you are new to Boston, carefully plan out your route, noting any landmarks to help you find your way.  Be sure to check out parking regulations of your destination, as in some areas parking is restricted to residents only, while others have meters or loading/no standing/no stopping zones. Before you park your ride, be sure to read any signs to avoid a ticket and hefty fine or even worse, getting towed.  Also pay attention to street cleaning regulations – signs are posted, but you can also learn the schedule here.

Parking Meters

If you are going to make use of metered parking, be sure to bring along plenty of change.  Metered parking costs $1.25 per hour and most meters have a 2 hour parking limit.  Be sure to read the meter to see how long you can park in that particular space, because the hours can vary.  Also be aware that during rush hour, metered parking is prohibited on many of the busier streets to allow for an extra lane of travel.  We can’t stress enough how important it is to read all signs and meter rate plates.  Metered parking is free on Sundays and holidays. Click here to learn more about holidays in Boston and here to learn more about parking meters in Boston.


Motorcycle & Scooter Parking

Boston provides 29 parking spaces for scooters and motorcycles with a meter rate of 25₵ per hour.  In order to promote environmentally friendly modes of transportation, there is no time limit for parking in the metered Motorcycle & Scooter parking spaces.  Just be sure to bring enough funds to feed the meter for the whole day and you’ll be good to go!


Designated Bicycle Parking

Boston is big on promoting commuting via bicycles as an environmentally friendly option that leads to better physical health.  There are many designated areas for parking bikes to keep it safe.  Many are available in garages and some outdoor spaces too.  Just ensure to read all signs, since some buildings reserve bike racks for the building tenants only.  For a detailed map of bike rack locations around Boston, click here.


Handicapped Parking

Qualified Boston residents are issued Disability Plates, so long as they are the owner of the registered vehicle.  Disability Placards are also available to qualified Boston residents on a temporary or permanent basis.  Applications for disabled parking can be found at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.


Snow Emergencies

In snow emergencies, parking regulations are strictly enforced. Many roads do not allow parking during snow emergencies, so as to give the snow plows plenty of room to clear the roads.  For more information on snow emergency parking, click here .  You can receive snow emergency notifications right to your phone, email, or via text with ALERTBoston.

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